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How Activist Investors Can Help the Digital Assets Industry Mature

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 12:47
Often demonized for acting self-interestedly, activist investors can bring much needed focus to struggling organizations. In crypto, too.

The MicroStrategy Effect? This Firm Is Helping Businesses Save in Bitcoin

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 12:02
Bitcoin financial services firm Unchained Capital has released an “advanced business account” specifically targeting firms that want to hold BTC.

Bitcoin News Roundup for Sept. 21, 2020

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 12:00
With bitcoin down amid broader market turmoil, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back for your latest crypto news roundup!

Stripe to Pay $120,000 in PlexCoin ICO Settlement With Massachusetts Attorney General

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 11:29
The payments processor facilitated millions of dollars of PlexCoin investments before shuttering accounts in September 2017.

Blockchain Bites: DeFi’s Dividend, China’s ‘New Battlefield,’ the Big Banks’ ‘Suspicious Activity’

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 11:25
China sees its digital yuan as a "new battlefield," DeFi's Curve has a new dividend program and a yet-to-launch platform is pursuing an "Initial DEX Offering."

Former HSBC, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch Execs Start $50M Crypto Fund

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 10:47
Liquibit Capital is also said to be managed by a former Barclays Capital vice president and two current JPMorgan and Wells Fargo technicians.

DAOs Will Never Govern the World (at This Pace)

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 10:38
DAOs were meant to fix the broken democratic processes in today's society. They've come up against their own governance roadblocks.

First Mover: Digital Gold Narrative Could Be Bitcoin’s Lone Ace as Ethereum Gains

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 09:36
It’s pretty much guaranteed at this point that higher inflation is coming. The Federal Reserve, which has already printed about $3 trillion of new money this year, is now explicitly devoted to reducing the dollar’s purchasing power in a bid to revive the economy. Higher inflation also typically happens when a country gets laden with debt and interest […]

DeFi Yield Farming Aggregator APY.Finance Raises $3.6M in Seed Funding

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 09:00
The aggregation platform raised the seed funding from a roster of investors that includes Alameda Research, Arrington XRP Capital and Coingecko.

Three Iranian Power Plants Plan to Sell Electricity to Crypto Miners

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 08:00
Three Iranian power plants with enough output to supply half of New York City will begin selling some surplus power to crypto miners.

Bitcoin Down as Stocks Fall Over European Coronavirus Fears

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 07:12
Bitcoin is dropping alongside stocks as soaring cases of COVID-19 threaten economic activity in Europe.

FinCEN Files: BNY Mellon Processed $137M for Entities Linked to OneCoin

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 06:37
The leaked "FinCEN files" show that BNY Mellon flagged a $30 million purported loan that it helped wire as one suspected case of OneCoin laundering funds.

China Sees Advantages in Being First on New Digital Currency ‘Battlefield’

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 04:48
The nation would wield stronger influence in the world as a result of the digital yuan issuance, according to a magazine from the People’s Bank of China (PBoC)

Meet in the Middle: Crypto Companies and Banks Are Evolving Together

Sun, 09/20/2020 - 17:11
Kraken’s move to become a bank in Wyoming is more about getting traditional finance to adapt to the crypto industry than the other way around.

Lyn Alden’s Latest: Why Currency Devaluation Is Inevitable

Sun, 09/20/2020 - 14:00
This week’s “Long Reads Sunday” reading is from macro analyst Lyn Alden and focuses on the inflation vs. deflation debate in historical context.

Did Ethereum Learn Anything From the $55M DAO Attack?

Sun, 09/20/2020 - 13:23
Matthew Leising's new book, "Out of the Ether," tells the story of the attack that almost brought down Ethereum. Here he talks with Dan Kuhn.

How Does Kraken’s New Crypto Bank Work?

Sun, 09/20/2020 - 08:00
This week Kraken Financial became the first crypto company to receive a banking charter. Join CEO David Kinitsky for a look at what it all means and how it'll work with hosts Adam B. Levine, Andreas M. Antonopoulos and Stephanie Murphy.

The ‘Hot Swap’ Plan to Switch Ethereum to Proof-of-Stake Explained

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 15:00
With Ethereum 2.0's much-anticipated move to Proof-of-Stake getting closer, CoinDesk Research Analyst Christine Kim spoke with Ethereum developer Danny Ryan and Liz Steininger, CEO of blockchain security company Least Authority on what users and investors should expect.

Stablecoin DEX Curve Will Kick Off a Dividend on Its CRV Token Today

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 12:52
After hitting a new all time high in volume, Curve will begin splitting fees between liquidity providers and CRV token holders on Saturday.

Why the First US Crypto Bank Is a Big Deal

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 09:00
Kraken became the first crypto exchange to win a U.S. banking license this week. Here’s why that matters.