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Crypto Tracer Chainalysis Raises $13M as It ‘Doubles Down’ on Government Ties

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 11:30
Chainalysis is also adding former Treasury Department official Sigal Mandelker on as an advisor.

Gelato Gives Developers a New ‘Money Lego’ Tool for DeFi Applications

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 10:00
Decentralized exchange Gnosis will be the first major platform to integrate Gelato's audited v1 transaction automator for token swaps on Ethereum's mainnet.

Weed Out the Soviet-Era Ponzi Scheme Eating Ethereum

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 09:05
The MMM Ponzi scheme accounts for 10% of Ethereum's transactions and 50% of Paxos's. It's time the Ethereum community did something about it.

As Chat Privacy Under Threat in US, Firm Develops ‘100% User-Controlled’ Messaging

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 09:00
Unstoppable Domains is working to give users full control over their chat data with a new decentralized protocol.

First Mover: Even Bank of America Acknowledges China Winning Digital-Currency Race

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 08:51
BoA researchers anticipate that China's digital yuan might make a dent in the greenback’s global hegemony.

Ethereum Activity Metric Hits Highest Level for 2 Years

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 08:15
The number of active ether addresses just clocked a recent high, possibly thanks to the Ethereum cryptocurrency's growing role in decentralized finance.

Binance Acquires Crypto Debit Card Provider Swipe for Undisclosed Sum

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 07:01
Binance said Tuesday that the Swipe acquisition, which is already available in 31 countries, could significantly improve crypto adoption globally.

Crypto Exchanges See Big Drop in Volumes as Bitcoin Volatility Approaches 2020 Low

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 06:01
Crypto exchange volumes could continue falling should volatility remain at these low levels, said CryptoCompare CEO Charles Hayter.

Germany Seeks to Expand Digital Efforts at FATF as It Takes On Watchdog’s Presidency

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 05:00
In a recently published paper, new FATF President Dr. Marcus Pleyer outlined the objectives for his two years as president of the global AML watchdog.

Binance Gives 27,000 COVID-19 Masks to UK National Health Service

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 04:00
Binance has donated 27,000 KN95 masks worth over $60,000 to the U.K. National Health Service’s Pru Trust to aid the fight against COVID-19.

Mercedes Maker Daimler Tests Blockchain for Supply-Chain Data Sharing

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 03:00
Ocean Protocol has completed a proof-of-concept with Daimler, showing how the Mercedes-Benz maker can begin monetizing data across its supply chains.

Block.One Co-Founder Brock Pierce Files to Run for US President

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 23:40
Brock Pierce has formally filed to run for President of the United States.

Binance Ordered to Halt Offering Derivatives Trading in Brazil

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 16:50
The order is the regulator’s first public stance on cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

Market Wrap: As Stocks Rally, Bitcoin Trades Above $9.3K for the First Time in 10 Days

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 16:37
Equities continue to beat bitcoin’s performance, but everything is making gains Monday.

Social Media Bans ‘Highlight the Profound Censorship on Web 2.0’

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 16:28
Recent moves by social media companies to outlaw certain types of content raise big questions about the future of free speech in the modern internet era.

Iran Gives Crypto Miners One Month to Register With the State

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 15:49
The government wants to "eliminate the confusion of cryptocurrency activists" with its call for mass mining registration.

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Is Vulnerable to ‘Looting’: New Research Explains

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 15:34
Computer scientists Jona Harris and Aviv Zohar have examined the Lightning Network's "flood and loot" attack that preys on Bitcoin network congestion.

Bitcoin Up 27% in First Half of 2020, Beating Gold, Silver and Platinum

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 15:23
Bitcoin showed its luster during the first half of 2020 amid mediocre returns from precious metals.

China Stocks Surge and NYC Real Estate Craters: 5 Stories Shaping Markets Today

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 15:00
The story of the economy as told by five macroeconomic indicators including Chinese stocks, New York City real estate, coronavirus cases and more.

Cardano at One-Year High on Shelley Upgrade

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 14:37
The eighth-largest cryptocurrency by market value jumped to $0.1021 on Saturday to hit its highest price level since June 2019. It has rallied by a staggering 170% in the second quarter, according to CoinDesk data.